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Types of Rehab

If you or someone that you love is struggling with some sort of addiction to drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both, it is best that you have all of the necessary information to select the best alcohol and drug rehab treatments that are available to you in your search for rehabs near me. Most people will start in on the recovery process with an inpatient or outpatient form of treatment program. Addiction treatments will always be different for each person, as no two patients are going to be alike. The treatments can also be fully customized to meet up with the needs of the patient, their addiction, and any other determining factors.

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Your physician, therapist, or a team of professionals will be able to work with you to create the right plan for recovery, which can sometimes depend on the actual substance that is being abused and the level of severity of the addiction itself. Some of your options may include:

Rehab Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rehab facility

Rehab facilities are centers which have been expressly created to help people overcome their addictions to drugs or alcohol and regain their normal lives. Even within this niche, there are a lot of differences. Some facilities are considered “luxury” centers, which offer more amenities, and others may cater to a specific group of people or interest. For example, some are designed for just men or women, some are devoted to a specific type of substance abuse recovery, and others include a unique form of therapy, such as equine.

When is rehab necessary?

Change is difficult and it’s not always easy for a person to identify underlying conditions that may be leading to the addiction or the triggers that make it difficult to beat one. Inpatient rehab is most beneficial for:

  • People who have tried to stop an addiction, but failed.
  • Those who have had a relapse.
  • People without support systems at home.
  • Anyone with a known physical or mental illness.
  • Those who are feeling unmotivated or feel overwhelmed by the idea of stopping a harmful behavior.

If you think that you or someone close to you may be in need of addiction treatment then call us immediately on 888-327-1047 to discuss your options and what you need to do next. 

What is the difference between inpatient and outpatient care?

Outpatient care allows people to recover from their addictions while living at home and keeping their daily routines. Inpatient care is an immersive experience in which people stay at the treatment facility all the time. It’s very helpful for people who are struggling to break their habits or don’t have a home or lifestyle that’s conducive to recovery. By staying in the facility for treatment, people are able to eliminate distractions and focus entirely on recovery. This increases the chances of success.

How does inpatient rehab work?

Inpatient rehab is an immersive experience that removes all distractions, so you can focus on getting well. The journey often begins with a period of medically-supervised detox while your body gets rid of all the toxins, and then progresses into learning how to break old habits and transition into a healthy lifestyle. In order to provide the kind of comprehensive support that’s necessary for success, programs will focus on physical wellness as well as mental health, and may have a spiritual component too.

Each treatment center has a unique process and offerings, and each person needs a tailored approach that addresses the nature of the addiction as well as existing behavior patterns, so there isn’t a standard program that works for everyone. However, even though centers concentrate on creating unique plans for an individual’s needs, a structured schedule is usually followed each day, with activities specially chosen to address the various components of breaking free from addiction. This includes setting established wake and sleep patterns, eating regular healthy meals, and learning stress-relief techniques, such as meditation.

Therapy is also a large component, and generally involves a mixture of individual, group, and family sessions. Facilities routinely offer alternative therapies as well, such as art, equine, dance, biofeedback, neurofeedback, and exercise sessions.

How long does rehab last?

There are no standard time frames when it comes to recovery times because each person’s journey is as unique as the individual. Recovery is not just about willpower. People in rehab work to make their bodies and minds healthy, change their habits, and learn about the factors that drive their own behavior. Because of this, and due to the different depths an addiction may affect an individual, programs may run a few weeks to months. Many inpatient centers have programs that last 30, 60, or 90 days, but ongoing support after is also necessary in order to prevent relapse.

How much does it cost to go to rehab?

There are numerous factors that go into determining the costs, such as the length of the stay, the type of treatment being offered, and whether the center being chosen is a “luxury” facility, offering more amenities. All things considered, an individual may pay nothing for a 30-day stay or could pay as much as $25,000 for treatment in a luxury facility.

Is rehab covered by insurance?

Most insurance companies cover some or all of the costs of inpatient rehab. To verify what your plan allows, check your insurance policy or call the number on your insurance card to find out what benefits are available. Many facilities are also glad to check what your particular plan allows, so you can also call the facility of your choice and provide them with your insurance information, and they can give you an estimate of treatment costs at their particular facility. It’s also worth noting that the allowed amount may vary based on whether a facility is in your insurance network or not, so if you find that a particular facility is not within your budget, you can still find one that is.

Call us now on 888-327-1047 and we will be able to advise you with regards to any queries you may have about rehab costs and your insurance policy.

Are rehab expenses tax deductible?

It may be helpful to know that rehab expenses are tax deductible. Per §213(d)(1)(A) of the Tax Code, “the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease,” is considered a medical expense and can be itemized if the expenses accrued exceed 7.5% of an individual’s income. Rehab expenses can be added up alongside other medical and dental expenses at tax time for further savings.

Are rehab records confidential?

Yes. People deciding whether to enter treatment or not often wonder if it will somehow wind up on a permanent record somewhere, if employers will learn of their addiction, or if family members will find out, but there are a lot of policies and regulations that prevent these things from happening. First off, all medical providers are bound by the guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As a medical provider, your treatment facility will only be able to share information under very specific circumstances, such as with care providers and insurance companies. Furthermore, even though you’re not required to tell an employer where you are during this timeframe, it may be beneficial for you to do so. This allows you to gain protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which can prevent an employer from giving away your job while you’re in treatment and will prevent employers from discriminating against you later. Should you need help preparing documents for an employer in order to take advantage of the ADA, your treatment facility can help.

Are you allowed to have a phone in rehab?

Each facility will set its own guidelines on the use of phones. Generally speaking, most do not allow people to have their own phones during the initial stages of treatment, in order to ensure that focus is put on wellness. However, they do usually allow people to use the facility’s phones several times per week. As treatment progresses, cell phones and devices may be available more often, but the rules will vary. It’s important to remember that a big part of recovery is breaking old habits and learning to shift focus to healthier choices, and having access to electronic devices can be a distraction. Rest assured, any facility you select wants you to have contact with your friends and family and knows what a valuable role they will play in your overall recovery, so devices are only limited at pivotal points during treatment.

What is the NIDA?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is a government agency that funds scientific research on addiction and drug abuse. The agency has helped to pioneer new thought processes on how to best combat addictions, how addiction affects the body, and identifies trends in drug use. The agency further provides the information it gathers to the public and treatment facilities, so that medical establishments can provide their patients with the highest level of care based on researched and tested methods.

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